Dr Iain Poi


Dr Iain Poi, a graduate of Griffith University Gold Coast, wants to help serve your oral health needs to the best of his capabilities. He is a current member of the ADA, ADAVB and an editor for CMDFA’s Luke’s Journal. He is a part of Griffith Honours College too. He speaks fluent English and Mandarin. In his spare time, he plays and watches a whole heap of basketball, reads books and tinkers with some musical instruments.

贝劲仁医生最喜欢帮助你克服你所有的口腔保健问题。他是一个ADA,ADAVB和  CMDFA (Luke`s Journal)的编辑。在医院里面,他能讲英文和简单的中文。闲时,他喜欢读书,打篮球和奏乐。